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Eeva Lancaster   is a Book and Graphic Designer, Book Manager, Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, and Self Published Author.

Her love of books all started when she fell in love with the written word. She grew up with The Encyclopaedia Britannica, and a dictionary that can only be called a Tome. It was that thick. Thanks to her mom, who bought Eeva her first Nancy Drew, she was forever enamored with the written word... in the form of books.


She was a C Level Executive Assistant for 6 years, before she ventured into publishing and started her own author services site, The Book Khaleesi. Her experience in the upper echelons of the corporate world gave Eeva a good head for business. She is a solutions provider and has strong client relationship management skills, which helped boost her freelancing career.

When she's not busy writing, designing, or helping authors polish and market their books, Eeva loves to snorkel and laze by the beach, or go on road trips with her husband. Happily married, a homebody, and a little bit of a loner, she can be perfectly happy staying at home with a good book or spending days on TV series marathons.

Writing is Eeva's way of conversing with her readers. She publishes her own books to share life experiences and points of view. With an opinionated voice and a restless inquisitive mind, you can expect Eeva to continue to be an influencer in the self publishing industry, in the years to come.

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