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As the owner of several author groups, and as an Indie author herself, Eeva Lancaster knows the challenges of her peers. One of them is the cost of publishing services. With her extensive freelancing experience, and her love of designing beautiful books, Eeva created The Book Khaleesi. She is obviously a Game of Thrones fan.


In its first year, she handled the clients herself and helped build its reputation as an inexpensive but high quality resource. As their reputation grew and more authors sought out their services, Eeva expanded her team and trained them to maintain the quality of work The Book Khaleesi is known for.

But, Eeva is a self-confessed workaholic, and she works on every project her team takes on. 

Since 2014, The Book Khaleesi has helped authors, old and new, publish books that are at par with and even better than traditionally published works. Her aim is to raise the standards of Indie Authors and improve the reputation of Self Published Books.

"Books have a publishing standard, and self published authors are accountable to their readers in ensuring that those standards are met or surpassed." - Eeva Lancaster

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